Build relationships with your MP(s) for the long term

Members of Parliament are there to represent you and your students, they have the ability to take local issues to a national level. Consider the following when engaging with your local representatives:

MPs value information and evidence on their local area and about their constituents. Share information regarding updates throughout the period of the campaign so they can be involved in all the activity.

Ask your MP(s) to take a simple action that will benefit the campaign in a big way - for example, an upcoming debate or education questions. You can find information about upcoming debates at, and we share regular key updates through the weekly AoC Chief Executive’s letter.

Treasury ministers and DfE ministers hold the power - get your MP to write to them in time for the spending review.

  • Give them plenty of notice - they are busy people! If you want an MP to engage in a debate, ensure you let them know you want them to ask a question early on. MPs often write their speeches a week in advance so get your information over as soon as possible.

  • Explore ways in which our central funding ask relates to your local college and events – inviting an MP to attend a sports event or open evening is a great opportunity to help them to understand the breadth of what the sector offers.

  • Tell them about real people and real issues - MPs often respond well to students telling their stories, and case studies from employers who value their relationship with the college. As employers find it harder and harder to recruit skilled people, these stories will be ever more powerful.

  • Can you meet with them at your college? MPs will appreciate opportunities to engage with constituents and share photos on social media. Why not organise a visit, or photo call at your college.

Visit the resource hub for tools to help support the cmapaign.