Get the local media on side!

Use the local press to build the reputation of your college

Given the precarious balance of power in Parliament, local press has more power to influence than at any point in recent times - an MP in a marginal constituency, is likely to be more worried about what is in their local newspaper than The Guardian.

Every college in the country already has a relationship with their local press and hyper-local websites, but like everything else, it’s always possible to improve and have greater impact. Have you thought about the following?

  • Meeting regularly with the editor or reporter who covers your area of work. Find out what their main interests are and then offer them stories, or comments that suit that. For instance, there is a Brexit angle to almost every story currently, and you have a college with thousands of students with opinions – consider reminding them that if they’re ever looking for a comment from the general public, regardless of the topic, your marketing team could probably help them find one quickly.

  • Fine-tune your press releases and statements - focus on the value of your college to your community. For example, a story about student success might also include details of how your college is the only/best place to do that qualification. Bring all news stories back to the central funding asks.

  • Think about who you might work with as advocates for your college – your students, alumni, key employers for instance – because having them on hand to provide quotes to local media can be powerful.

  • Speak to the AoC Comms Team – they’re on hand to offer day-to-day and strategic support and advice, including crisis comms.

Contact: Holly Townsend, Press & PR Manager:

Full Campaigning and Influencing guide is available online.

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