Engaging your local stakeholders

 Who are your local stakeholders and why would you want to engage them in the campaign?

You probably have a lot more stakeholders than you realise: organisations you employ, organisations you do business with, those that provide student placements or students go on to work there, services you use, local groups that use your facilities, the list goes on and on. If you already have a dialogue with an organisation then why not ask them to support the Love Our Colleges campaign?

The main target of this campaign is Government – to ensure they understand how vital colleges are and, ultimately, to influence HM Treasury to invest properly in colleges. The government is influenced by people who are potentially going to vote for them, which is why we want to make sure that we’re building a broad base of support and reaching the widest possible audience. Your stakeholders help us to build that base and to reach new people.

What should you ask them to do?

  • Add the Love Our Colleges logo to their website and/or sign up as a supporter

  • Attend an event you’re running for Colleges Week

  • Suggest Tweets and other messages they can promote on their social media

  • Tell their customers/contacts about the campaign