Work with the sector

Reach further afield in the education system to show a united front that is calling for a well-funded and accessible system for all.

  • Work with local schools, colleges and universities by inviting them to join you in any events and campaigning activities that you organise.

  • Coordinate a joint letter to the local newspaper(s) or a joint article from local school, college and university leaders making the case for increased investment in our education system.

  • Reaching out to local university students’ unions, who will often have significant campaigning budgets, and will share our passion for ensuring we have a thriving education system.

  • Get in touch with the National Union of Students (NUS), they support students’ unions in many FE colleges as well as the vast majority of university students’ unions. Your students and student representatives are always encouraged to get in touch with NUS, by emailing Khurrum Darr, Membership Support Manager. We are also on hand to help you to look at your own student voice work – please contact Eddie Playfair, AoC Senior Policy Manager.

  • Make use of Trade Unions, branches will often have access to significant campaigning resources – so as a part of your ongoing communications, ask them how they might be able to support this work.

Full Campaigning and Influencing guide is available online

Visit the resource hub for tools to help support the campaign.